November 16,2019

The account hit 1,000 followers! This is a huge milestone for the account. When I began this internship, the account has 870 followers. In less than three months, the account has gained 130 followers

There was a surge in followers once the posting schedule became more consistent. Posting game announcements and results got the audience engaged, as well as players sharing the post to their stories, growing the view rate of each post.

November 9, 2019

The Men’s Soccer team played two important games last week, and I covered both of them live!

Covering games via Instagram story gives the audience the opportunity to view the highlights and feel immersed  in the game, even of they cannot attend. Instagram stories would average 400 views, and about 5 responses through direct message. This was a great way to connect with the audience, answering their questions or sharing excitement for the team.

November 2, 2019

This week the  Men’s Soccer WebStore went live. The store was only available for seven days, so it was crucial to keep the information constantly available to the audience. The first post I made was the first day the store was open. Choosing different articles of clothing that were available, the post contained multiple photos giving the audience an opportunity to view what was available before visiting the link in the bio of the account.

Every day following, I would add to the Instagram story. Each story would include a different article of clothing, and information about the link in the bio. Instagram Stories average close to 400 viewers, so posting there was the most effective way to reach the most people.


October 26, 2019

This was a busy week for Men’s Soccer!

At the beginning of the week,  a player was named Offensive Player of the Week. I used the “Player of the Week” template, including the new information. This consistency is important, so the audience become familiar with the style of the account and know what information they’re looking at.

The team had two games this week, against two universities in the conference. I created two different style graphics for these games, but both including all necessary information for the audience to know where the games are, what time, and who the team is playing.

October 19, 2019

This week, the Men’s Soccer team celebrated their Senior Night.There are nine seniors on the team, and I was instructed to make a post announcing the game.

I began this process with a totally different vision. I started with a blue background and cut-outs of an action shot of every player. After about 5 drafts, or working out spacing for names and players, I found the best way to highlight each player was to use their headshot provided by the athletic department. This gave me the opportunity to create a different kind of gameday post, including all the information necessary for the audience.

I was unable to attend this game due to class, but kept track of the stats during the game. I created a template for the final game score, completed and posted it as soon as the game was over. This gave he audience who was not able to attend direct information for the results of the game.

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October 12, 2019

This weekend, the men’s soccer team played their second conference match of the season. On Friday I made the “gameday” graphic, including all of the information for the game.

I covered the game via Instagram Story on Saturday afternoon.  Using the story gives me to update followers live, and reached over 260 people

When the game was finished, I used the Canva app on my phone to create the results graphic. When it comes to managing a sports account, it’s important to updated the audience quickly and accurately. As the game was ending, I created the template for the graphic, added the final score and posted it as soon as the game ended.

October 5, 2019

This week, the Men’s soccer team had a non-conference game. This “gameday” graphic was different from the ones I usually create. It includes all of the same information, but in a more minimal space and uses the photo of the whole team.

Freshman player was named to the Conference Weekly Honor Roll, so I created a  graphic similar to the “Player of the Week” graphic in previous weeks. I think this consistency is important, so the audience become familiar with the style of the account and know what information they’re looking at.

September 28, 2019

This was a big weekend for men’s soccer. They were the only team with a home game this Homecoming Weekend and they held an Alumni game on Saturday morning. In preparation for the game, I was in contact with the coach to find photos of former soccer players. I used the photos in a #FlashbackFriday series, highlighting and honoring past players. In conjuration with the game on Saturday afternoon, I made a graphic on Canva. These graphics are the most consistent post on the account, and I am in the process of creating more content (photos, announcements) to break them up on the page. Posting different kinds f content will keep the audience engaged, while keeping them informed about the game schedule.






September 20, 2019

This week I was tasked with spreading a message. On Sept. 28, the men’s soccer team is hosting an alumni game for homecoming weekend. After learning all of the information about the event, I created an Instagram post reflecting the most important information for the alumni who follow the Instagram.

I wanted to make this graphic visually appealing, but also wanted to include as much information as possible for the audience. I think stylistically this hindered the graphic, as it is not very exciting to look at. I have been developing different ways to make the graphic more eye catching, but this one did the job it was intended to do.

Moving forward, I am going to make another post for the week ahead, but using a different method. I will make multiple posts on the Instagram story, where I can track the number of views it has over the course of 24 hours.


September 13, 2019

This week stretched my graphic design abilities. Each week I have been expanding my knowledge of programs like Canva to create “Gameday” graphics for the team. On September 11, I created a post in honor and remembrance of the 2001 events. After a discussion with the coach, I had the vision of creating a graphic of the team standing in front of an American Flag. This graphic was more difficult to make than I imagined. Canva did not have the tools necessary to make it happen, and I did not have any programs on my computer that were capable if performing the actions I needed.

Using the Adobe Photoshop App on my phone, I was able to create the graphic I was imagining. It was with much trial and error, but it turned out exactly how I was picturing it would.

After it was posted, the graphic was reposted on Instagram stories of multiple soccer players and the Admissions Office.

This week I learned there is always a way to get something done, I just have to utilize all of my resources.