Story 3- Macro/Micro Story

One Bowl at a Time

By: Sydney Lynch, Nina Schirmer, Megan Willing

Picture this. Your stomach is rumbling and you start to feel weak from hunger. You walk over to your refrigerator, open it, and see next to nothing available for you to eat. Where will your next meal come from? Will you be able to afford it? Many people struggle with this issue every day of their lives.

Across the United States, 42 million people are affected by food insecurity.

People who have low food security or, are food insecure, do not have the resources to provide  nutritious food for themselves and their families. Either they are not able to afford it, don’t have access to it, or have little to no places near them to buy food. It may affect many different people from different walks of life, including college students.

Dr. Tom O’Donnell is guiding Cabrini University students by informing them of food insecurity through his class called “Hunger At Your Fingertips.” He is encouraging his students on a daily basis to do what they can to help. One of his students, Katie Fazio was inspired by his class and took the first steps to do what she can at Cabrini University.

Katie Fazio is one of five children in her family who were raised by a single mom. She struggled to put food on the table but she was still able to continue to take care of her children. Because of this struggle Katie was inspired to do what she can to help others. By communicating and getting extra support from Professor Tim O’Donnell she was able to bring the Food Recovery Network to Cabrini and save leftover and untouched food to donate to the hungry. Katie continues her mission at Cabrini and continues to inspire others through her work.

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