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Breaking Down the Starbucks Brand

Brands create a loyal following through products and content. Starbucks has a strong online presence, posting content and engaging with costumers. The first store opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Over the next 47 yeas, the brand has expanded to 27,339 locations across the world. Starbucks coffee houses exhibit a calm environment, while serving a variety of coffee, coffee-based drinks, pastries and snacks.

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The Starbucks Facebook page has over 37M likes.

Facebook offers brands a platform to display their business while producing content. When marketing a brand, there are procedures defined to benefit the brand. Posting consistently, creating different content for each post, but relating to the focus of the brand. It is important to create content that is visually appealing on a desktop, as well as a mobile device. People often check Facebook on their phones, and content should effectively grab the attention of a mobile viewer. Creativity is key in the process of banding. Posts shouldn’t feel like forced adds, but a piece of the story a brand is trying to convey through their product. Posting time is important for a brand, to reach their target audience.

Starbucks’s Facebook page is very up to date. They post about once a day, keeping a consistent pace of releasing content. Their mobile design is just as appealing as the desktop, and easy to navigate. There is important information located at the top of the mobile page; including the information about the company, how many likes the pages has and the ability to send the page a message. Each post is, visually very different from each other. They all convey the similar message of the importance of a daily coffee and hearty breakfast, but don’t feel like forced advertisement. Starbucks posts at approximately the same time each day. Around 8:00am, new content about a drink or breakfast item is posted. Many people check their social media accounts first thing in the morning, so these posts could be among the first they see, in the morning



Content marketing is a creative approach to advertising. Deeply understanding who your audience is and what they stand for is the best way to create content that will resonate with them. Using bright colors and simple images can grab the attention of viewers while conveying a message with few words.

Starbucks has the ability to convey their message through minimal words. When the Starbucks brand posts on Facebook, the post usually contain a short description and a visual aid. The visual content is usually colorful and focused on the product in a relaxed way. There photos they use look like they could be taken by costumers, giving the content an authentic feel. The language used in the is punchy and concise.

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While following Starbucks Facebook page, I developed an understanding for the key message of the brand. Starbucks messages are empowering. One of their key messages taking the day head-on but grabbing a cup of coffee first.  The Starbucks mission statement, “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time,” shines through in their posts.

After viewing content produced by the Starbucks brand, I would infer that their target audience is 16-year-old to 30-year-old girls. Statistically, there are more women on Facebook then men, the content the brand produces are visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing photos. These are photos that people dream to take and put in their own Instagram accounts. The artsy and hipster vibe of the content speaks the target audience in a way that makes them feel that since the picture is so nice, the products must be good too.

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When engaging with customers, it is importantly to be timely. Responding to customers questions and building rapport is a great way to gain the loyalty of a customer. Knowing the answers to questions is a simple way to please a customer, so they don’t have to wander all over the place to find it. Lastly, an important characteristic is to respond naturally. Writing the way you speak creates a relaxed tone, where customers can feel honest and comfortable while asking their question.

Starbucks answers everyone. Every comment has an answer from the brand. Whether a customer is asking about the availability of a drink or stating how much they love a pastry, Starbucks will answer the comment in a positive manner. I believe that this is an excellent marketing practice because it makes each individual customer feel recognized and appreciated. The brand answers quickly, with precise answers to questions.


Starbucks portrays some of the best practices for a modern brand. Their colorful post portrays a message seemingly greater than just coffee. They post to inspire. Their content speaks towards empowering the customer, one coffee at a time.

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